January 30, 2015

Some Epic Moments in Hearthstone So Far

I have not been able to reach beyond Rank 11 in ranked games so far but had some great moments while playing Hearthstone. I have a lot of cards to unlock, even rare cards. Have 1 or 2 epics and only 2 legendaries from the first 2 wings of Naxxramas. I'll get all the Naxx cards next and then spam arena to get GvG cards and buy classic packs to complete my collection.

Anyways, here are the screenshots of some of the epic moments I had in the game so far:

Scavenging Hyena Hunter's Deck
Scavenging Hyena reaching an attack damage of 16

Maexxna and Crazed Alchemist Combo
Maexxna's stats interchanged by Crazed Alchemist

Free GvG Packs by Blizzard
Receiving 3 free Goblins vs Gnomes packs

Frothing Berserker Best Attack Damage
Frothing Berserker with an attack damage of 12

Gurubashi Berserker Mage Deck
Gurubashi Berserker with an attack damage of 14

Gahz'rilla and Tundra Rhino Combo
Playing Gahz'rilla with Tundra Rhino on the field

I plan on sharing more screenshots or create videos but that only after I reach good enough rank in the game. Till then, good luck for your games players!

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