May 06, 2015

Hunter Trap Cards - How Good are Hunter Secrets?

I have compiled a list of hunter traps in Hearthstone while discussing their positive and negative points. Hunter class has a total of 5 Secrets. Here is the list of type of Hunter traps/secrets and analysis on how good these cards are?

May 01, 2015

In World's Top 1% Players! PogChamp

April 2015 ranked season comes to an end and I am surprised to see that even at Rank 4, I am among the top 1% ranked players in the world. The biggest reason contributing to this number might be that most of the players play for the card back which you can get for reaching rank 20. So, they probably never try to reach higher ranks making the number of players in top 1% very low as compared to the huge number of lower rank players. Also, all new players definitely try all game modes which adds them to the list of ranked players as well. These new players may not even reach rank 20 in their first season and that's totally fine but this could be another reason why being a rank 4 is still in the top 1% of the players.