February 15, 2015

Naxxramas Cleared

We are marching ahead with all the Naxx cards in hand now. The Naxxramas adventure ends with a nice animation which I screenshot and am sharing below. Next step is to unlock the classic and GvG cards, so we can compete at all ranks with fair games. Here's the screenshot:

February 12, 2015

Hearthstone Region for Indian Players

So, as I set out to buy all the Naxxramas wings with money to instantly complete my decks instead of waiting for gold, I wanted to make sure that I buy them on the region I am going to be playing on primarily. After I started playing on Americas, I got 2 legendaries in a single pack and got confused on whether to continue playing on Asia or switch to America. I found out that majority of Indian players are playing on NA (Americas) from the Hearthstone India Facebook group. To be 100% sure, what is a better place to ask than the Hearthstone official page itself?

February 05, 2015

2 Legendaries in 1 GvG Pack

Finally, I got my first LEGENDARY! But wait, I got 2. After all this time I kept waiting for a legendary, I got 2 of them when it finally came. This pack is obviously the best pack ever, alteast for me. 3 beautiful Mech cards that are ready for my MechMage deck and Gahz'rilla for my Hunter's Deck. I don't play Rogue but I guess its the best time to start. Also, look how the pack has the best mana curve ever.