March 18, 2015

Blackrock Mountain Hype

A new adventure similar to the Naxxramas adventure is going to hit Hearthstone soon. The format and way to unlock all the wings will be exactly same as Naxxramas. Unfortunately, they are not giving a free first wing like last time (Seriously Blizzard, why you do this to me ;-;).

March 17, 2015

First Hearthstone Tournament Experience

As I am getting more and more serious about competitive Hearthstone, I thought of participating in some tournaments. I just played in Tuesday Night Hype #14 and did good. The problem I have right now is incomplete decks. I have complete face hunter deck and somewhat complete mech rogue and mech mage decks. Even bigger problem was that I needed 4 decks for this tournament, so I thought I was screwed. 

March 15, 2015

Road To Legend

Finally, I have a deck completed. I know it's hated by all but it's cheapest so I had to get this one first. It's the Face Hunter. I am going on winning sprees from Rank 15 to Rank 8 with this aggro hunter deck. The 2 other decks that are almost complete are mech mage and mech rogue. Mech rogue is definitely no match to the miracles rogue but that's all I can build for now. And honestly, mech rouge is the most fun deck I have built so far. For other classes, I definitely have no proper decks and cannot play them in constructed as for now. Also, I am doing good in Arena. My last 3 arena runs were 6-3 and I hope to have even better average arena wins.

March 01, 2015

Time To Climb The Ranked Ladder

Another season comes to an end in Hearthstone and I am glad to see myself improving with every season. I still don't have any complete decks but was able to reach Rank 10 in January 2015 season. I played Mech Rogue 90% of the time. I am close to complete a good Mech Rogue, Control Druid and Face Hunter deck. With the completion of these decks, I will hopefully reach higher in ranked games in the coming season.