March 17, 2015

First Hearthstone Tournament Experience

As I am getting more and more serious about competitive Hearthstone, I thought of participating in some tournaments. I just played in Tuesday Night Hype #14 and did good. The problem I have right now is incomplete decks. I have complete face hunter deck and somewhat complete mech rogue and mech mage decks. Even bigger problem was that I needed 4 decks for this tournament, so I thought I was screwed. 

But, it was just best of 3, so you need not play that 1 extra deck. I don't care about the results right now as I am more focused on completing at least 1 decent deck for every class. But I was able to do more than my expectations. I started with two 0-2 games but then went 2-1 and 2-0 to end it. I didn't advance to final stage but it is definitely a great start. I may refrain from participating in more tournaments unless I have at least 3 fully build decks. The journey for having a complete deck for every class continues and here's the screenshot from the Tuesday night hype tournament.

Tuesday Night Hype #14 - Quake

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