March 18, 2015

Blackrock Mountain Hype

A new adventure similar to the Naxxramas adventure is going to hit Hearthstone soon. The format and way to unlock all the wings will be exactly same as Naxxramas. Unfortunately, they are not giving a free first wing like last time (Seriously Blizzard, why you do this to me ;-;).

Never mind though as I am having a lot of fun in my Hearthstone journey so far. I participated in my very first Hearthstone tournament earlier today. I am sure Blizzard will give some perks to the present players at the release of this adventure. During the release of GvG, they gave away 3 free packs of the new expansion and a free arena run. So, I am keeping my hopes high for receiving something free for the first time on Americas server.

As of this post, Blizzard has revealed a total of 9 cards. Here's the latest 2 cards revealed from the Blackrock Mountain adventure.

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