August 28, 2015

Reaching Rank 5 for Sea Giant's Treasure Chest

It was a long journey from Rank 7 to Rank 5 this month (6 hours to be precise) and it was definitely not easy. So, what exactly happened that made me go back to my Ranked games at Rank 17 and push for a specific Rank 5 this month?

Well, it is the new ranked awards Hearthstone has decided from the month of August, 2015 onwards. You receive 1 to 3 golden cards each month based on how well you performed on the ladder. For instance, you will get 1 golden common card and some dust if you are at Rank 20 and For Legend to Rank 5, you get 2 common and 1 epic golden cards along with some dust. The total amount of dust will increase with your ranking. Those are some sweet sweet awards. First of all, you can receive cards you do not own saving your gold, money or dust which you can invest somewhere else say Adventures. Secondly, you can receive an epic you already have and can disenchant it for a high value. If I remained even at Rank 6, I would have received a golden rare instead of a golden epic, so I had to make the push. Here's how my profile looks right now:

Sea Giant's Golden Treasure Chest - Hearthstone

I think I gave a decent amount of time to Hearthstone while grinding for Rank 5 and will probably not play much for the rest of the month. Also, these rewards came with the announcement of TGT i.e. The Grand Tournament. I had 1000 gold saved for TGT packs opening. Unfortunatley, I had no luck in those packs and didn't receive any golden cards or a legendary minion. But, now I have almost all important decks completed from Classic packs and GvG packs. Also, I have the cards from Naxxramas Adventure and I am close to getting the last wings of Blackrock Mountain adventure. So, I will have all important cards in my collection very soon. I have around 2000 dust lying around which I can use to craft important legendaries or any other important cards from the new TGT expansion.


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  3. Hi, I stumbled on your blog by searching for preferred region for Indian players. I started playing Heartstone a month ago. That's why I enjoyed reading your journey. I want to know why you stopped posting, and are you still playing this game?

    1. Hey man, I have stopped playing Hearthstone for now. I was working and playing games earlier but now I have returned to studies. So, for some years I will be away and might return after that.